Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Search in Denver

If you have been reading the blog at all, you will know that Denver was not a planned stop and that I was really surprised by how much I liked it. The people I met in Denver were really interesting and friendly. The population is diverse, and the city is a hub for creative sustainable enterprise. Denver has the feel of the city, but it is really a very manageable size, kind of like a big town.

I really enjoyed my time in Denver, and if it weren't for so many of my friends living in the Northwest, I would most assuredly move there.

I noticed many things about Denver. I will list them below.
  • There are about 300 Marijuana dispensaries in the city of Denver
  • There are about 35 Independent Bookstores in the city of Denver
  • Dreadlocks and braids are big in Denver. I even saw men in suits with such hairstyles
  • A lot of people smoke in Denver. It seemed I could not go anywhere without running into smokers
  • Bike commuting in Denver is pretty easy. There is not a lot of traffic and drivers seem very patient with bike commuters
  • I only got lost 12 times in Denver
  • Denver is also a county
  • The food scene in Denver is practically non-existent, but there is a want for one by its citizens
So, on to my favorite Denver Place. I actually have a tie in Denver. Two places above all others made me happier than any other in the city.
  1. The Public Library. Denver's public library is a wonder to behold. I am a fan of libraries in general, but the main branch of the Denver library system is practically a work of art, not to mention it is obviously set up and run by people who love books and understand why people use libraries. From the sculpture of the horse on the chair in front of the library to the amazing architectural wonders on the fifth floor, The Denver Public Library was constructed for its citizens. Unfortunately, the library has had to cut back its hours of service due to funding issues. If you are looking for a place to put your money, the library is a good investment. The health of a neighborhood/city is directly related to the presence of libraries within it.

     2.  Little Man Ice Cream. Not only does this place serve great ice cream, with a new weekly menu in addition to its regular menu, this place is in business to make a real difference. For every scoop of ice cream sold, the company donates a scoop of rice to people in need across the globe. Little Man also contributes to its local community and its employees. Little Man's philosophy: All business exists to make a difference. If you ever get to Denver, go to Little Man. The ice cream is superior, the service is friendly, and the company is one you can believe in. They also sell Lactaid at the counter. I love that.

I loved my time in Denver. The city is on the precipice. There is a real community feeling there, and from what I understand, there is great stuff to do all year round. The surrounding landscape is stunning, and the weather and people are for the most part, quite sunny.

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