Monday, October 13, 2014

Hello! I am posting my latest press release here to let you know what I am up to:

Incredible Investment Opportunity Discovered in Art Degree 

Bellingham WA, October 6th, 2014: 45 year old Sara Young discovered yesterday, much to her surprise, that since its purchase in 2000, her degree in craft (art) has more than doubled in value, creating an opportunity for investors and art collectors alike.

In 2000, Ms. Young purchased her degree, and thus her education for $48000. In 2014, this same education and degree is selling for $107,200. In fourteen short years, the value of this piece of paper has more than doubled, and Ms. Young is offering an excellent opportunity for investment this week on Ebay.

“I spent a grueling four years of my life earning that degree,” Ms. Young offered, clutching her head and shaking it, “it would be nice to see someone else get some use out of that thing, its value increases every year the more the price of education skyrockets and the value of the dollar falls.”

Ms. Young believes that the cost of education will just keep going up until prospective artists will be priced out of the education market all together.

“Soon, people won’t be able to buy this type of education. It will be a thing of the past. Art education will be dead, and this piece of paper will be worth millions.”

Ms. Young is the sole proprietor of Your Badass Heart, ( and Spike of all Trades ( She is an artist, a writer, and an entertainer. 


Sara Young 

2807 Cottonwood Ave. 

Bellingham, WA 98225




Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Next Thing

If you are reading this, and I am assuming you are, you most probably know that I did not complete the grand project I put before me so long ago. Now that I am out of money I have set my sights on a whole new project. A project which requires, conveniently, much less money.

I have come to find myself in Bellingham, Washington. A quaint little city that I fell in love with many years ago. Well, I am back to settle down and I cannot think of a place more suited to write about. You might be wondering why. Well, first of all, there are very few fat children here. In my recent travels, I have been most taken aback by the proliferation of fat kids. I have come to a point, sadly, where it is now the reverse. I have been looking around the streets of Bellingham, wondering, "where are all the fat kids?"  Bellingham is also a very local economy.

Yes, you guessed it, I will be creating a whole new blog highlighting local businesses in Bellingham. The one thing I learned from my project is that the community is stronger when business owners contribute, and I am going to be finding out just how this incredibly local economy works to create this great community.