Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Austin and Change

As I traveled or didn't travel around Austin, I came to some pretty important realizations.
  1. 25 Days is not enough time to know a city of any real size.
  2. The format I am currently using is stifling. So many stories are not told due to the parameters I have set for myself.
  3. Without a good dose of my own perspective, the stories have less dimension.
  4. I am not completely honest about my views when I express them.
  5. I am not learning as much as I would if I were more faithful to the experience.
Due to all of these factors, I have decided to finish up my stories from Austin, then return to the Pacific Northwest and continue the project in Seattle. After Seattle, I will continue the project in smaller cities in and around the region. I will continue to post all the stories I have gathered, but I will also be adding stories I did not initially intend to post. I believe this will make for a more interesting picture of each of the cities and a better product in the end.

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